An Easter Rebirth (a.k.a. Released from the Beast)

This blog begins, for me, with a post I wrote on Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014. I am reposting it here as a new starting point for me from which to move forward.


Today was Easter. It was a beautiful day! 81 degrees, sunny and breezy, just gorgeous outside! Went for a walk with my husband and son. Enjoyed some good music. Had coffee while sitting outside at a coffee shop, enjoying the sun. Those were the highlights.

And then there was BATs. My friends and family may remember how ultra dedicated to fighting for pubic education I became last summer. I had been miserable with all of the corporate-driven changes that had been taking place in my school district, but then I found a beacon of hope called the Badass Teachers Association on Facebook. It was made up of people from all over the country. Not only did it have a National group, but it also had a page for each state in the country. There were about 40 interest groups that were started such as ESL, Elementary Ed, Retired Teachers. You name a category, there was a special group where one could find colleagues to talk to.

In the early days, someone asked us to tell our story about how we came to be a BAT so I wrote, “My BAT Story.” It went like this:

“I joined right around the time the group was just approaching 10,000 members. I heard about it when Diane Ravitch wrote about it on her blog. I started out like most people by lurking and reading post after post after post.

Then I started responding here and there. I started seeing GREAT memes being made and posted here that were firing me up and I wanted to share them on my own timeline, but quickly found out that the share button only shares things INSIDE a CLOSED group. So I wrote some “How to” directions, sent them to an admin here I had been talking with about it and before I knew it, she invited me to come share my talents behind the scenes.

At first, I was invited into the planning room. They had just started creating some awesome House of Cards videos to educate everyone about the horrible things various corporate deformers were doing to our beloved public school system. So I developed a research template, learned how to use Google Docs and Drive for the first time, and started doing research to collect information that could be used for the weekly actions to expose these ruthless gazillionaires. I’ve also been one of the meme-makers’ go-to persons for editing memes or other documents that are created.

Finally, after coming to the defense of the mission of this groups on lots of posts on the Main Page here, I was invited by Priscilla Sanstead, one of the three founders, to become a moderator and later an administrator. I am honored to work behind the scenes with awesome colleagues and do whatever needs to be done. I can’t think of a cause more worthy of my time than fighting for the future of education in the United States of America and around the world. Because one thing I’ve learned through my on-going research is that the WORLD is the playground of the 1% [I kid you, not!] and we have to band TOGETHER and fight like HELL!

This is my 24th year of teaching ESL at the elementary level in a suburban school district. When I first started teaching I had autonomy and was very much in control of my OWN professional growth. But I saw the invasion of a laser-focus on standardized testing a few years later. Then came the standards movement. Not long after that NCLB reared its ugly head. Thinking it couldn’t get worse and the nightmare would HAVE to end, Race to the Top (RttT) was spawned. And then along comes CC$$ to my horror along with tying teacher evaluations to test scores!!! AHHHHHH!

Then…..BOOM! Badass Teachers Association appears out of nowhere and I KNOW that I have just been thrown a lifeboat and I’m using my oar and paddling as hard as I can like a salmon upstream. But I won’t give up because I have new HOPE and INSPIRATION…as our numbers continue to grow and as our members take part in more and more of our WEEKLY ACTIONS, I believe we WILL BE HEARD!!!Hmmmmm………Buzzzzzz…….ROOAAAAAARRRRRRRRR! I’m a BAT. I’m LOUD and I’m PROUD! Together, we SHALL overcome!!! ”

But that all came to a screeching halt in the middle of February this year. It’s hard to explain the history to those who aren’t intimately familiar with the inner-workings of this group, but suffice it to say that over time, certain patterns of behavior emerged from the leadership that rather “lit up” the Admin/Mod group that I belonged to and made it a humiliating, acrimonious, unprofessional place to work. Where I had once been a highly respected volunteer admin and behind the scenes secretary, suddenly I was being charged with starting rogue actions, followed by being accused of being part of a faction that was attempting a coup of the leadership. Anyone who knows me well, inside or outside of BATs, knows that is not who I am. I was (and STILL AM) as dedicated to the cause of ending attack on teachers (and other American workers) and ending the corporate takeover of our schools. But a case was built against me. I was stripped of my admin role and later removed from the admin group altogether (as well as my state group and a number of the interest groups I was most active in). No notice. No warning. No discussion. Done.

I remained in the main National BATs group. I continued to post, to comment, to participate in actions. Until today. When I was banned. Again, no notice. No warning. No discussion. Done. And then I was banned from ALL things BAT. No state group. No interest groups. Poof! Gone.

And here’s what I did before this happened. I agreed with a fellow BAT member on the main page that another fellow BAT had posted a personal blog page about her religious beliefs that was a violation of the rules posted on the BAT page. The BAT rule from their About section states, in part:
AUTOMATIC DELETION TOPICS – these postings can be deleted automatically:
2. Mentions of religion/religious texts, political parties, The Pledge, sex ed/sexual content

She deleted it. It seemed to be over, until a founder, Mark Naison, reposted it, declaring a one-day pass from following the rule for Easter. I participated in the discussion that followed, as did several other BAT members, about how inconsistent adherence to pre-established ground rules creates division and unfairness. Lifting strict rules about posts containing religion is especially slippery when it is allowed for one day only, in this case a Christian holiday, but not for others and was not announced in advance as something planned.

During this discussion, I suddenly could not access the main page anymore. I had been removed and banned from the group. Having been an admin, I know that the procedure is to send two warnings by private message and upon the third infraction a person can be banned after 5 admins/mods agree by voting in favor of it. Even then a private message is sent stating the rule that was broken. But this didn’t happen in my case.

I know they have their own reasons for treating people the way that they do. I know it’s THEIR group and they can make, and apparently break, the rules at will. But it doesn’t make for good coalition building.

To those who I have previously recommended that they join BATs, well…I can no longer recommend it. For obvious reasons. If you’re looking for a group that models the democratic principles that once existed, at least to some degree, in our schools years ago, they won’t be on display in BATs now, like they were in the early days when things were just beginning and things were good…very, very good.


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6 responses to “An Easter Rebirth (a.k.a. Released from the Beast)”

  1. Elizabeth Lynch says :

    Congratulations on the birth of your blog. I look forward to many wonderful contributions from you here, my friend! 🙂

  2. Lisa Wells says :

    I wish you much success! I will follow you too. I am disappointed by the interworkings of BATs and had seriously considered going to DC this summer. I am now concerned the group will be used by the opposition to delegitimize the message we are/were trying to promote.

    • factionistafiles says :

      Thank you, Lisa! I had room reservations very early on, but cancelled them about a week and a half ago. Have filled up my summer with more fulfilling family activities for now. We’ll see what else comes along…

  3. Robin Cederblad says :

    Good luck with the blog. I especially love your “header.” A bit inaccurate now as you will NOT be silenced! ♥

    • factionistafiles says :

      Actually, Robin, the banner picture are high school students. They appear to be protesting. I posted it there to remind me of the power of students when they truly understand what’s going on around them and also as a strong, visual reminder that humans weren’t meant to be silenced. We have to learn to speak out, but also to listen to others and work at find ways to work out our differences and find a place where we can come to agreements. I think pictures are more powerful than words often times!

      Thanks for the well wishes!

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