The Two-Year Anniversary of This Blog: Today!

The Two-Year Anniversary of This Blog: Today!.

Diane Ravitch posted this yesterday. I wanted to re-post it here for a couple of reasons.

One is because I am thankful, so thankful, that she brought attention to the assault on teachers and our public school system when she did, especially so widely and on a daily basis. She gave me and so many others hope when there was nothing but despair all around me.  I do not put her up on a pedestal and find her infallible, but I respect her for all that she’s done and continues to do to bring much needed attention to the issues involved with the efforts underway (and have been for a very long time) by corporate reformers to privatize our children’s schools and limit their learning and to put pressures on the PTB (powers that be) to make changes and give back autonomy over our schools to those closest to them and who have the best know-how.

The second reason I appreciate her post is the following excerpt:

“My purpose when I started was to create a space where parents, students, teachers, principals, superintendents, public-spirited citizens, school board members, and anyone else who wishes to do so could share their ideas, dreams, fears, and hopes about the current state and future of American education. My guiding principle has been “a better education for all children.” I have never been so presumptuous as to assert that I know how to teach or that I have the answer to all questions. I rely on you, the readers, to share your knowledge and experiences as we together examine some of the ruinous policies now mandated by the federal government, policies that place more value on data than on children, that trust metrics more than professional judgment, and that prioritize standardized tests over learning and real education.

We have that space. We have the most vigorous discussion of education issues on the Internet. We don’t bar dissenting views [emphasis mine], although I do ban certain curse words that I don’t want on my blog and I do not tolerate personal insults. We even have trolls. I have said repeatedly that this blog is my virtual living room (although sometimes it is my virtual classroom), and I expect a certain level of civility. You may feel angry, and you can express your anger or frustration or rage, but please mind your language. And remember, if you want to insult me, do it on another blog, not here. Other than those rather limited rules, the floor is always open.”

Notice, she has rules–and not many of them, but she values open discourse and expects and encourages dissenting views. She’s not afraid of them! That’s the sign of a real leader!

So let me add my congratulations to her here and encourage others to read her blog if you don’t already!


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