I worked too damn hard to earn my tenure to have it taken away.

teaching work of heart

This is a story of how one man decided to turn his life upside down to find meaning and purpose. He and his family sacrificed mightily to make it happen. He did something that he came to find that he had a passion for and was really at: He became a TEACHER!!!

He’s right about so much in his tale of his path to becoming a teacher, meaning that as a teacher myself, I recognize the truths that he tells. I also recognize what he calls the NEED for teachers to begin to share their stories so that the general public will begin to understand who we are.

I agree. I will begin working on mine now.

Opine I will

I have worked too hard, much too hard to earn my tenure as a teacher to just sit back and watch ideologues and so called reformers snatch it away from me. Tenure should only be defined as an employee’s right to due process as defined by state law.

When a failed journalist like Campbell Brown uses her name to drive her husband’s education reform agenda  and claims to have the legal backing to eliminate tenure in New York, it becomes instant news. Why is it that eliminating tenure is news while earning tenure is ignored?

I worked too damn hard to earn my tenure, as an elementary school teacher. I will not sit back and watch Brown and her corporate backers rip my due process rights away from me. I struggled and my family sacrificed so that I may enjoy a fulfilling career as a teacher. Now Brown and her cohorts believe…

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