REBLOG of Dear Teacher: Shut Up or I’ll Starve Your Children

REBLOG of Dear Teacher: Shut Up or I’ll Starve Your Children

I have a friend.

She was a great teacher.

She taught in an inner city high school in Indianapolis, Indiana.

She had been teaching there for 8 years.

Her students worked hard.

She helped them excel.

Then she lost her job.

Why? What could possibly have led to this decision? Well, you’ve heard Rahm Emanuel use “decreased enrollment” as his catch-all phrase/reason for closing Chicago public schools down, right? Well, have you every heard of “decreased enrollment” in ONE CLASS? Me neither.

These kinds of things shouldn’t happen, but they do. They are becoming more and more commonplace. Our public schools ARE under attack.

Read on and see how it happened to THIS teacher. Find out what happens to good teachers, not just the so-called “bad” ones in the current political climate we, teachers, find ourselves in.

Then, join us in the fight of our lives — to save American public schools from being closed down and/or turned around, and made into Common Core factories that push out standardized workers for the future corporate workforce.

Don’t let the corporate money mongers suck the life blood out of our schools AND bleed our taxpayer pocketbooks dry!



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