Schneider: What Bill Gates Told the Washington Post About Common Core

So, let’s end the argument about how “voluntary” these inappropriate standards are or even WHY they are inappropriate. They ARE inappropriate because they don’t represent the will of THE PEOPLE. They are a corporate-driven, Gates-led, anti-democratic bunch of controlling words written primarily by non-educators who don’t really “give a sh!t” (David Coleman’s words, not mine) about what kids think or feel. And all of it is based on the lie that our schools are in crisis based on international test scores.

Our schools are only in crisis insofar as poverty is on the rampage and privatizers are being allowed to target those schools, many of which are also filled with mostly students of color, so they can justify closing them and handing them over to the profiteers who will show everyone how to make a fortune while bamboozling (VAMboozling, if you are a teacher) the American public and laughing all the way to their off-shore banks.

Where are all the fair-paying jobs that will help families alleviate their poverty-stricken circumstances that suppress their ability to focus, concentrate and learn? Oh, that’s right. The priority hasn’t BEEN jobs. It has been budget-cutting austerity measures that we’ve been told are necessary. Those cuts have crippled our schools making them desperate for additional funding any way they can get it. It was no coincidence that Race to the Top grant competition came along at the same time as the corporations and banks crashed our economy in 2008, further crippling our schools. It was also not clear the average American citizen that the Common Core $tate [sic] $tandards weren’t even finished being written when states who wanted to compete for the limited (not enough for everyone) funding required them to agree to adopt the standards, sight-unseen, regardless of winning the grant competition or not. THAT is how 46 states initially got misled into signing on the dotted line.

So enough of the madness. It’s time to slay this dragon and promote sanity by giving our schools back to the communities they belong to, led by the teachers who know how to teach.

Read all about what Gates did/said here:

Schneider: What Bill Gates Told the Washington Post About Common Core.


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